Surviving Long-Distance While in the Same City

By Michelle “MEL” Liles @michimouse17

If you would have told me at the beginning of this 2020 new year, I would be having a long distance relationship in the same damn city, I would’ve said you’ve lost your mind. You might be thinking to yourself… I already lost my mind. Well that’s why I’m here. I’m going to help us all get through this.

Many of my friends are currently shacking up with their significant others during this pandemic. However, I unfortunately cannot do the same. My boyfriend is in the medical field and I am told to stay away from him. I’m sure many of you have similar situations, or perhaps it’s just too soon to move in together. Whatever the reason, we can all agree this way of life is not ideal, BUT it doesn’t have to be miserable either. Here is a list of a few things that we are currently doing to stay connected.

1. Talk on the phone – Do this as much as you can. Every day when my boyfriend is walking home from work, we make sure to sneak in a quick call. We all know that texting can get misinterpreted or get lost in translation. Skip the decoding and go straight to hearing the tone of your partners voice.

MEL Says: Do not worry if you have nothing to talk about. My goodness there is only so many things you can do while you are quarantined! Your partner isn’t expecting you to constantly lead the fascinating life you once did.

2. Video Chat – All of my friends who have been in long-distance relationships swear by this rule. Sometimes hearing their voice isn’t enough. You want to see the expressions on their face! See their smile light up !

MEL Says: It’s ok to just facetime while doing mundane things. For example, you can prop the phone up while you cook, so it’s like they are there next to you.

3. Doll yourself up – You are a catch, and sometimes you need to remind them and yourself that. Sometimes I stare in the mirror and think who is this greasy haired woman wearing the same shirt as yesterday?? Washing your hair and putting on a little mascara can give you the pep in your step while talking to your boo.

MEL Says: Don’t be afraid to put on a little something special to show them you’ve still got it. 😉 What you continue to do after that is your own business.

4. Watch a movie together  You can prop your screen up so they are next to you or watch it individually and later discuss your thoughts.

5. Start a book club – If you have already blown through Netflix and Disney+ try reading a book together. When you’re reading a good book, moving on to the next chapter without your partner can be just as sinful as watching the next episode of your show.

6. Play games – The only games you should play with your significant other are the ones on your smart device. Now if you two are already gamers, you’ve got this. Put on your headset and go to town saving the world. If not, try apps such as Words with Friends or Draw Something Classic.

MEL Says: My personal favorite games are board games. If you want even more fun, bring other couples and friends along for a date night! Zoom or House Party allows you to all play easily together. I highly recommend card games that force each other to drink. The best part is everyone is already home and safe!

7. Focus on your hobbies – What is something that you love and haven’t done in ages? Maybe it’s a hobby that your partner never new about, such as sewing. You can now dedicate your time showing your partner how badass you are while making your homemade facemasks.

MEL Says: Start a new hobby for yourself, or perhaps learn something new together. For example, start a new language and speak to each other. You can finally talk behind peoples backs! Just kidding…that’s rude. But you can definitely whisper sweet French nothings in their ear. Oooo la la

8. Be their personal UberEATS Driver – Yep, you heard that right! To past the time away I’ve been baking a lot, which is not good for the old waist line. So, I decided to bake some of my boyfriend’s favorite dessert and then dropped it off for him to enjoy! (As long as you are safely able to do this)

*Side note – if you can also safely drop baked good or other goodies for any first responders, they would gladly appreciate it. They deserve all of our support <3

9. You do you boo boo – Show that you care in the ways that makes sense to you and your relationship. For you that could mean inspiring each other to work out by sending videos or sending funny memes to make them laugh.

MEL Says: I personally send random voice messages with thoughts throughout the day. He’ll leave me recordings of him singing songs (I should probably mention he is also a musician). I know it’s super corny, but it works for us! Now go find what works for you.

One last piece of advice: do not be afraid to be vulnerable. Let them see your dreams and fears through all of this. Now that you can’t be physical you are forced to rely on your intellectual and emotional connection. If you aren’t enjoying or looking forward to catching up with them, then now is the perfect time to do your soul searching by yourself.


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