Dating During COVID-19.

By Amelia Bond
Software Engineer


In a culture that encourages overworking and staying active it’s easy to get caught up with life, then came the dating apps!

As someone new to the whole online dating game, I was very hesitant to even try it. But after seeing my friends in meaningful relationships with people they met on these apps, I decided to give it a try. I was instantly overwhelmed by the number of “matches” and all the small talk that was suddenly taking up so much time. After a week of texting back and forth, I went on three dates with the top prospects. I was excited at the possibilities. Thanks to the app, these men already met my basic requirements.

I also learned that FaceTime dates are a thing! And people get creative, too! A friend told me the story of when a guy ordered food to her apartment so they could have a “dinner date” over FaceTime. Another friend did movie nights with her person, they would watch the same movie from home and facetime the entire time.

In hindsight, for those of us that have very busy lives, this was a much-needed break from all the commotion. I have wondered what all the men out there are doing. It’s a blessing that now they have to make an actual effort to get to know you without all the distractions from the world and other people.

In the end, I found myself more drawn to one of my prospects and we continued to talk, go on strolls, and having socially distanced picnics at the park. I’m not sure what the outcome of this relationship will be, but I will always remember him as my COVID-crush and one of the most unique and creative dating experiences I’ve ever had!


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