Timeless style for contemporary minds. 

Because fashion isn't just about trends.

About the name

Nour De La Garza 


Named after two very different but strong matriarchs, Nour De La Garza is a brand dedicated to creating accessible, quality garments for all women. 

How it started 

The Story 

It all began when two friends decided to follow their dream and created a place where women can shop and feel empowered. 

We are firm believers that clothing should fit you, not the other way around. 


Our goal was to reinvent the classics and help you curate your wardrobe. We are all about creating pieces that will not only last past the season but transcend in style.

Our Values 

We focus on quality, not quantity


Environmental consciousness is one of our core values as a brand. We want to be able to express our love for fashion in a positive way. 


In order to reduce our carbon footprint and move towards building a more sustainable brand, we’ve created seasonless collections in small batches and are always conscious of what we produce and the companies we partner with to create our products.


As we grow and evolve, our goal is to continue to have a positive impact on our community and environment. 


Our community 

It's about lifting each other up!

While sustainability is one of our priorities, so is inclusivity! We are proud to say that we offer a diverse array of sizing, ranging from XS to XXL and expanding. Our pieces were created to compliment different body types.


We believe in a world where every woman has a voice and a space to let it shine.  Whether it's by sharing their journey or showcasing their style, we want to be a part of it. 




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