By Sally Dilick



"...the Heights is a neighborhood that maintains a quirky sense of individuality and flourishes as a destination for the creative types."

At home in the Heights, Kind Collective’s French blue doors opened one year ago. Dreamt of and inspired by owner, Rachel Levine, she carefully researched and selected every piece based on her belief in the makers, products, philosophies, and stories behind them. With the help of her sister, Sally Dilick, and family friend Kelly McGill, Kind Collective is creating a positive change through the products they carry for those who want to live an authentic life and raise as much awareness in the process.

Working as a team that is and like family has been a joy and a gift. As a collective whole, Rachel, Sally, and Kelly have been able to inspire each other and customers through their curated selection. Gracing Kind Collective’s shelves are a collection of home decor, textiles, art, apothecary, jewelry, accessories, women’s apparel, and baby needs. Through Fair Trade, artisan-made, and locally sourced vendors, you can shop effortlessly and ethically.

During these unprecedented times, having a team of strong women and the support of the Height’s Community has been a great source of comfort for Kind Collective. From face masks and sanitation stations, contactless shopping via the Kind Collective website, porch pickups, and deliveries; they have been able to adjust to consumer needs and maintain an authentic and compassionate shopping experience.

Kind Collective is proud to be in The Houston Heights and proud to be able to pair with Houston vendors, like Nour De La Garza. Swimsuits, blouses, blazers, shirts, and dresses that are equally classic and modern are hard to come by. Uniquely designed and beautifully made pieces is what Kind Collective is all about; so pairing with Nour De La Garza for a Pop Up Event this Saturday, July 18th, was an obvious choice.

Can’t wait see you Saturday!

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