At Home Happy Hour

By Luisa Banos

COO & Co-founder of Nour De La Garza

Summer is the best time to enjoy a crisp glass of something yummy and bubbly either by the pool or the patio. As someone who loves easy, simple and delicious recipes for everything, the thought of making a cocktail seemed really complicated and something best left to the professionals behind the bar. However, as bars are no longer a thing, I found myself looking for a way to make delicious drinks at home. Below are my three favorite recipes which I know you will enjoy making and have fun drinking!


Combine grapefruit juice, lime juice, and sugar in glass; stir until sugar is dissolved. Stir in mescal, add ice, and top off with club soda. Garnish with grapefruit wedge.

o ¼ cup fresh grapefruit juice

o 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

o 1 teaspoon sugar

o ¼ cup mescal or tequila

o ¼ cup club soda

Watermelon Vodka

My version simply requires watermelon, vodka and a blender. Cut the watermelon and blend it until liquified, stir in vodka to taste and chill in the refrigerator for a few hours to let the flavors sink in.

o Vodka

o Fresh watermelon


Muddle the mint, sugar and lime juice in a glass. Add rum and ice and lightly stir for the BEST and freshest summer drink!

o Fresh mint

o 2 tablespoon of lime juice

o 2 oz of white rum

o 1 tablespoon of sugar

Until next time! <3

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