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What is Found It Digital?

Think of us as your one-stop-shop for all of your digital marketing needs. Designing and developing unique website experiences and increasing our clients’ online visibility is at the core of what we do. We're committed to the success of each project as if it were our own and we take pride in the work we do and the brands we do it for. 

Why did you start it?

Found It Digital was created to help retail store owners and fashion brands build a foundational website to take their business online, implement strategies for digital growth, and promote long-lasting success.

How did you get started?

Initially, I started out by just doing freelance work under my own name. After talking to a mentor, he encouraged me to start doing work under a business name. Eventually, I came up with the name Found it Digital and enlisted from our now lead designer, Nikki, to create our branding. I also had several people, including our now editor, Valerie, help do market research to see what needs local boutique owners had. Prior to starting Found it Digital, I was working with companies from all industries, however, I knew I wanted to focus on e-commerce. We worked hard to build our process and service offerings to support fashion brands and retailers. I also worked really hard to find the right team members to bring this vision to life.

Can you tell me something more about you, the founder?

My name is Crystal Gaskin (on the left) and I’m the founder. I serve as the strategist and lead developer. My expertise is in custom WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify development. I have developed websites, independently or on a  team, for national brands while working for a leading Phoenix, Arizona advertising agency. I also spent 7 years working for the largest clothing manufacturer and retailer in Los Angeles -- most notably in their digital marketing department where I conceptualized and executed social media, SEO and email marketing campaigns. Prior to working in advertising, I worked in the fashion industry for 15+ years. I did everything from pre to post-production: creating tech packs for a lingerie company to working in a showroom for a handbag manufacturer.

I am an Arizona native who loves brunch dates with my chi-mix puppy named Corbin, weight lifting, reading, and doing outreach with my church. I hold a degree in Apparel Manufacturing Management from FIDM and Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University.

Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

While I didn’t want to be an entrepreneur when I grew up (I actually wanted to be a teacher), looking back, I definitely exhibited a lot of the common signs of entrepreneurs today. For example, I would have lemonade stands and have the neighborhood girls help me sell. I also had a cleaning service with a neighbor friend. Later I would go on to sell thrift items and handmade purses on Live Journal (RIP) and eBay. I recently found a journal entry from 2000 where I wrote, “I am so proud of myself. My website has over 3,000 hits in less than 3 months! I can’t wait until I get older and open my own web design company.” Until I found that journal entry, I didn’t realize how much I’ve always loved web design. Found it Digital is literally a dream come true.

What kind of difficulties did you face while starting a business?

I think our biggest, and most costly, mistakes have been hiring the wrong people. After a few mishaps, I’ve restructured our hiring process to help mitigate these issues. Your team is everything in business. I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my amazing team. It’s worth the extra effort upfront to fully vet anyone we decide to bring on.

Tell us about your team:

Found it Digital was built in part to create a space to foster and grow young talent. We are an all-inclusive team of top talent whose work is distributed around the world. Passion is big for us -- and that passion gets transferred into each client project that we take on.

• Owner Crystal Gaskin

• Editor Valerie Luyckx

• Designer Nikki Villatoro

• Creative Assistant Alyah Donahue

• Creative Assistant Kaley Scott

What is your ultimate goal as a company?

Our ultimate goal is to be the go-to agency for direct to consumer brands and local boutiques who are looking to scale their online stores. My personal goal is to build a company that supports creatives and gives them an inspiring workplace to create innovative websites and brands. This year we started our internship program and it’s brought me so much joy. As a creative, I know how empowering it can be to work somewhere that allows to free reign to express your ideas. I hope to be fertile grown for those looking to grow creatively.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find a mentor and/or hire a coach. There’s a lot of risks involved with entrepreneurship, but by seeking guidance early on you can avoid a lot of the common pitfalls. Especially if you can find a mentor or coach who has executed a similar business, or within a similar industry, as you are in.

Are there any other articles you would like to link?

We recently wrote a powerful article on how The Retail World Has Been Changed Forever that’s worth reading for all boutique and online store owners. Also, if you’d like to learn more about our founder, Crystal Gaskin, check out a more in-depth interview here or listen to this podcast to learn more about how we scaled our agency.

What would you say to customers that are hesitant about shopping online?

If customers are hesitant about shopping online, I understand their reservations. I would suggest you look for these three things before choosing to spend your money with a company online:

1. Make sure their site is secured with a valid SSL certificate (accessed by a https:// not http://).

2. Look for their contact information to ensure you’ll be able to contact them should anything go wrong with your order. For example, if you’re charged twice, your items never arrive, etc. You want to make sure there is an email, and preferably a phone number, available for you to reach out.

3. Look for valid, and recent, customer reviews. Whether they are on their website, Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Seek out to see what other customer’s experiences were like. It’ll be very obvious if the store is trustworthy based on what other people mention in their reviews.

A small note from Alexis and Luisa.

We are so happy to introduce "NDLG CONVERSATIONS." A series of articles highlighting women pursuing their passion and advice. While we try to grow our brand, we also wanted to nourish and develop our community. This to us meant reaching out to inspiring women and asking them to share their stories.

We are over the moon to have Crystal Gaskin, founder of Found It Digital, and her team as our first publication of this series.

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