Spring Cleaning... if not now, when!?

By Alexis Kuri @alexiskurit

Co-Founder and CEO/Creative Director of Nour De La Garza

Spring cleaning is usually met after an intense fashion spree OR a lifestyle change prompted by some sort of New Year’s resolution that miraculously survived. However, 2020 has not been the year we all expected... that doesn’t mean that you can’t Marie Kondo the Sh!@t out of your closet.

Granted, I am no organizing expert but try and tell that to my on and off self-diagnosed OCD. So with further adieu here are 5 ways in which you can clean your closet into the capsule wardrobe of your dreams (another article for another day) or… just a cleaner closet.

1. To wear or not to wear: Think of this as swiping left or right on a dating site… but for clothes. Comb through your closet giving yourself 3 seconds to determine if the item will be part of your new wardrobe. If you can’t see yourself wearing it in the next year or season (if it is a sweater or a season item), chances are you won’t. Now, start that pile and let someone else enjoy the item.

*I like to send things, even those I don’t wear with good vibes so do as Elsa and “let it go!”

2. Friend Exchange: You know you admire your friends’ style and vice versa. If you know a friend likes something you have gathered in the left pile, make sure you offer it to them first. This is a thing I have done with a couple of friends. We either exchange a piece of clothing with each other or sell it to them for a ¼ of the price.

3. The Piles: You have finished gathering all the items you swiped left to, now what? Many donation centers have to organize the items you have donated so why not help them out by separating them into bags. Maybe all tops go in one all bottoms in another, shoes in another and so on.

4. Donating: Chances are you have a gym bag or old travel bags you want to update. Some people think using your luggage to take your things to donation is a good idea, but I suggest you take your luggage into any foster care organization near you.

* If you did not know, kids in the foster care system do not have a bag to call their own. Because of this, they have to carry their belongings in a trash bag. So it’s better you donate your clothes in the trash bags and give the kids a bag to call their own.

5. DYI for change: This may feel like you now have bags in your closet filled with clothing, but hey, If you want to go ahead and have a DIY project, pick all the cotton or breathable pieces that are too worn to donate and create some CDC approved facemasks for the real life superhero’s. We know they are in need, and we have the time.

Check out these links to help you get started !



Until next time, xx

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