There's A Reason We Call It Hunting...

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

By Razan Beidas


Job hunting is a feat of its own. There’s a reason we call it ‘hunting’- it’s the hunger games out there. But venturing out into the hunt during a pandemic is a whole different ball game.

But, as we continue to adapt to day to day life, it is important to adjust to the new norms of many things…. One being, the new norm of the job field during corona time. So, what could these new norms entail?

This could range from adapting your interview skills to a virtual interview, ensuring your resume stands out (given the highly competitive environment), adapting to a potential ‘virtual’ onboarding process, and what to do when you cannot meet your co-workers in person.

Having said that, here are my top 5 tips to successfully tackle the (job) hunt during a global pandemic:

1. Reach out to your local networks (friends, family, old colleagues)

The power of networking is like none other, so reach out to friends, past colleagues for a quick catch up to let them know that you’re searching for new opportunities! Its best to ensure that you’re top of mind when an opportunity comes by their desk.

2. Sign up for LinkedIn Premium (your first month is free ;-) )

There are many benefits that LinkedIn premium has to offer than the ‘lite’ version does not – especially for a candidate searching for new opportunities.

Get Access to Improved Metric to understand the competitive landscape – i.e., how many people have applied, what the general qualifications are, and where you sit amongst those applicants in regard to your certifications and qualifications.

Unlock the premium badge. Think blue tick on Instagram, this will give you the extra push when recruiters are searching through LinkedIn candidates.

Lastly, see who looks at your profile. Unlike the ‘lite’ version, Premium will allow you to view all those who are viewing your profile. This will help you develop those connections based on who may seem to have an interest in Unlock the premium badge. Think blue tick on Instagram, this will give you the extra push when recruiters are searching through LinkedIn candidates.

(link used for linked in benefits)

3. Read books that will keep your motivations high

It’s easy to become discouraged during the hunt because of rejections, ‘black hole’ online submissions or not finding something that seems to fit. So pick up a book, read blogs or watch some YouTube videos to keep your sprits high and to remind yourself that you’re not in this alone!

A good book to start off with, Rich Dad, Poor Dad!

4. Learn something new that will help set your resume apart

Use this time to master a new skill that will help set your resume apart. There is a multitude of online classes being offered at a discounted price! Become a coding wizard in 30 days or an excel guru in no time!

5. Last but not least…. Don’t give up!

A patient, resilient, and a positive mindset will encourage a smooth sailing hunt, so don’t give up!

Razan wearing our Round-neck Blazer

It may seem like a challenge to job search while hiring has drastically slowed down …. but… I guarantee, it is not impossible.

Happy hunting! :)

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